Standalone Systems

Standalone systems are completely disconnected from the grid, making use of solar energy and batteries This is also referred to as off grid, we have various customers in cairns and on the tablelands who are completely off the grid. This allows customers can be completely self reliant for power. Our off grid systems start from $11,000 including GST, with 5 year inverter warranty, 7 years warranty on batteries and 10 year workmanship + 25 year output guarantee on solar panels,

At Fnq Solar solutions, we spend time with our customers to fully understand their needs to ensure we supply a custom designed system, tailor made for their specific needs. Whether the customer requires a system to run the 5 days without a generator, or requires genset back up we ensure we supply a system that will last and run for years. We only use the highest quality and tested products available, giving our customers long warranties and ensuring good peace of mind. Our techniques vary compared to other company any we can assure we get better results by having less losses involved in the design.

We also offer various other batteries to our customer, below is a list;


    Clickhere to see an example off grid site using a LG Chem Battery

  • BYD
  • GCL
  • Aquion (salt water)
  • Red Flow ( Zinc Bromide)

and many more ....

Please find below some of out off-grid install we've completed recently in the cairns & tablelands areas;

  • System Size 1-2 - Gel Batteries
  • System Size 2-4 people

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