Irrigation costing to much? Are you running a pump multiple times a week to fill tanks ?To expensive to run power to a pump?

Try solar pumping. Solar pumps area available for any application from small house hold applications through to large farm irrigation. Whether you you just need to pump water to fill a tank, or if you required to maintain a certain pressure for irrigation FNQ Solar Solutions can design a system to suit your needs. Solutions available cater for both single and 3 phase pumps. If your installations existing you may be able to keep your existing pump, reducing cost of the installation. You can still claim RECS (solar credits) for installing a solar pump setup.

There may be no need to replace your existing pump and motor, by simply installing a variable speed drive, the motors speed will be controlled via the amount of solar power available. We always oversize PV array from the pump size to increase the amount of pumping hours.

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