Hybrid Systems

This option allows customers to maximize solar use and minimize grid use, therefore reducing bills or completely eliminating them. After the batteries are charged any excess solar generation is still exported to the grid .

Find out how to add batteries to your existing system

What is a hybrid system?
Hybrid systems are an add on to the normal grid-connect systems. Customers can add battery banks to an existing or new grid connect system. This can benefit the customer in various ways. As the feed in tariff is now only 10 cents in Queensland it can be beneficial to store excess power in battery banks and utilize it later when its required; rather than purchasing power at 25 cents. This battery storage can also act as a backup in outages! So there is no need to get the generator out and start it! The graph below demonstrates this

Pitcured on the left hand side is our most common hybrid system below, using a GOODWE Hybrid inverter And the GCL ekwbe 7kwh Battery . The E-kwbe is constructed using Panasonic Cells and has a warranty for 7 years with unlimited cycles. On the Right hand side is a LG Chem + SMA Sunny island inverter, the LG CHEM Resu 10 has double the capacity as the GCL and can also be used as an off-grid solution.


Get ready for the Telsa Battery and install a Hybrid system, and purchase a battery later. All our hybrid systems are battery ready, so if your waiting to see what happens with batteries you can can still be reducing your power bill! We also have other lithium-ion batterites such as the LG CHEM, with 10 year warranty and a 80% dayily discharge, We currently offer:

  • BYD
  • GCL
  • Aquion (salt water)
  • Red Flow ( Zinc Bromide)
  • Polynontech

and many more ....


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