Grid-Connect System

Cairns and the tableands are great locations to generate solar power! Most customers who already have solar have a grid connect system, they are`getting less popular for new installs with most customers choose to go to a battery ready or hybrid system, as there are many benefits such as having power during black outs and the ability to store surplus energy rather then feed it back into the grid.. Customers can decrease their electricity bills by installing a grid connect system. This system type is perfect for business operating only during the day or customers who have high day times loads or loads they can offset to during the day such as pumping and water heating.

How it works
Electricity from the solar panels is converted into AC power to be used in your household. Any appliances that are running while the sun's out will draw power from the solar panels rather then buying power off Ergon. Any residual power that isn't used is sold back to Ergon. Ergon Currently buy this electricty back for 10 Cents per killowatt . See Hybrid Systems to see how you can store this energy rather then selling it back to ergon for cheap and maximize your solar energy!


Extra ways to save
By changing the way customers use appliances they can substantially reduce the electricity bills. Appliance that run during the day can be powered from the solar panels therefore running for free! For example by wash clothes, during daylight hours rather then at night. Customers with pools and pool pumps can benefit from this by changing the running time of pool pumps to during the day.
We give our customers great peice on mind, through selecting excellent products, our fronious inverters have 10 years warranty.

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