Is Your Solar System Performing?

When was the last time you checked to see if your solar system was working? Can you understand the numbers and lights, or do you just check to see whether the green lights on ?

A solar system is a massive investment for a household, and if you dont know if its working correctly it might not be saving you money...... We all live a busy life, and most the time get caught up doing 'fun things', rather then doing chores around the house . Its easy to forget to about your solar system, after a few cheaper power bills, its easy to think yeah its just doing its job over there...Trust me now, because I get heaps of phone calls from frustrated consumers with solar..... And its always after they received a expensive power bill they noticed a problem with their solar system. But what if you could notice the problem before it got out of hand?

Today I want to introduce you to Solar Analytics. The Solar Smart Montior.

What makes solar analytics a Smart Monitor;

  • It measures your solar production.
  • It measure your house hold power usage
  • It shows you power that you sold and brought
  • Compares what your system should be generating to what it is actually generating, to make sure its performing correctly
  • Emails reports alerts and errors
  • Shows live data so you know when to turn appliances on, and use that excess solar

and much more.

Solar Analytics come with a 5 years warranty.