Opal Storage

Welcome to Opal storage
In a quick summary it is the neatest, most effective solar + battery system to released so far.These neat all-in-one home battery solutions combine the popular LG Chem batteries and 5kW SolaX hybrid inverter at a very competitive installed price. .The solution integrates the inverter, battery and all required cabling into one cabinet, the cabinet is completely weatherproof. So you don't need to find space somewhere to install it, you could simply place it beside the meter box outside, or in the carport, nearly anywhere the possibilities are endless. . . .
The Opal storage solution has an emergency power supply feature, so when the grid fails from a cyclone or any other outage, you wont be left in the dark. The Opal storage solution can supply upto 5 KVA, from either the Solar Panels or the batteries. So no need to worry about the beers getting hot.


  • Value - one of the lowest cost batteries per kilowatt hour installed
  • Proven/popular brands/technology - LG Chem and Solax
  • Blackout protection - Backup power available through SolaX EPS
  • Works with existing solar systems AND can install as part of a new system
  • Neat, fast and affordable installation - Install almost anywhere
  • Opal Storage, has two options, you get the cabinet with the inverter switches etc. with 1x 6,5 kwh battery or you can also order it with 2 batteries 13kwh of storage.

    Add reposit
    Opal storage, can come with reposit fitted inside the cabinet. Reposit is a full monitoring solution, it gives you all the normal data such as solar use, battery use and hold house usages + more. Reposit makes your whole system smarter, it optimizes battery charging, in many different ways such as learning your usage and weather prediction. For example Deposit can forecast bad weather can then choose to charge the battery off the grid while power is at the cheapest rate, for later use when power is more expensive. This ensures you save as much as possible.