Feed in Tarriff Increased to 30KW

The Queensland department of Energy and Water has announced that the solar feed in tariff eligibility, will be increased from 5kw's to 30kws. So what does this mean?

It simply means that, homes and/or business who install systems over 5kw's, and under 30 kws will be eligible to be paid the feed in tarrif, for the excess power they export back to the grid.
The feed in tariff in regional Queensland is currently 7.448 cents per Kw exported . There will also be a new variable rate feed in tariff launched at June 30, and it will change pricing during the day depending on the energy demand of the grid.

Snippet Below from the Queensland Department Of Energy and water:


To maintain eligibility for the regional feed-in tariff rate, you have to:

  • operate a solar PV system with a maximum inverter capacity not exceeding 5 kilowatts (this will increase to 30kW in 2017)
  • consume less than 100 megawatt hours (MW) of electricity a year (the average home uses approximately 6.1 megawatts a year)
  • for the premises where the solar PV system is installed, be a retail customer of: Ergon Energy Queensland,
  • have a network connection agreement in place with an electricity distributor signaling their approval to connect the PV system to the electricity grid, and be connected to the Queensland electricity grid
  • have only one solar PV system receiving the feed-in tariff per premise.