BYD - Powerhouse in lithium batteries launch home storage

If you've been following the change in batteries evolve over the last few years, you may know lithium-ion batteries have been taking leaps and bounds forwards over the years. Massive improvements in safety have occurred, but in most scenarios Lithium-ion batteries couldn't be used in Off-grid Solar Systems. Your probably wondering why this is so, but the batteries had many major limits in power output, and in may cases the batteries could not provide the power required. Then we had the new version of the LG Chem released, the RESU 10 (specs here ), which could easily be used in an off-grid situation, with the ability to run at 5 KVA continuously and surge to 7 KVa for 5 seconds. The Resu 10 only has 8.8kw's of usable energy, but if you need more then that, its no worries you can couple 2 x devices together and achieve double the storage, though this does not double the power output and no extra surge power. The LG is a good quality battery and come with a 10 year/25 MWH warranty to retain 60% of its original energy.

But is there a better battery then the LG CHEM?

Welcome to the BYD B- BOX, manufactured by the largest lithium-ion manufacturer in the world. If you haven't heard of BYD, there the Chinese powerhouse of batteries. Byd is a very well known company who produce, electric buses and cars. The Sydney airport use the BYD electric buses to commute passengers. So is BYD new to the battery game? No they arent at all they are one of the most experienced battery manufacturers, they have been producing electric vehicles for over 6 years.

But what makes the BYD B-BOX, better then other batteries on the market?

Well the B-BOX has many standout features, firstly they have made it nice and simple, a 2.5Kwh unit is 2.5kwh usable, not less like every other manufacturer. Then there is the incredible surge rating, the B-BOX has A C1 rating so 1 x 2.5kw unit can surge and can continue to run at 2.5kw's for 1 hour. So if we use 4x 2.5kws units, we have 10kwhs of usable energy, and we can have a surge rating on 10kw's and this can run continuously at 10 kws for 1 hour, non of this 2- 5 second short surges like other brands out there. One of my personal favorite features is its simply scale-able, you can start off with 1 x 2.5kwh battery and then simply add more as you require, all the way up to 80 KWHS of storage. This opens up massive opportunities for use in off-grid and hybrid situations, The BYD B-BOX low voltage (48v) can couple with SMA, Goodwe & Victron. And They also have a high voltage battery which can be used with SMA Sunny- Storage.

BYD also have a solid 10 years warranty to retain at least 60% energy after 25MWH or 10 years, giving customer great piece of mind.



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