OFFGRID 1 - 2 People

Our latest off-grid system is achieving great results! We have coupled a Sungrow inverter/charger with a GCL eKwbe. This system takes up very little room, with the inverter and battery being wall mounted. It has great warranties with a 7 year warranty of the battery, 5 years warranty on the inverter/charger, and the standard 10 year - 25 year output guarantee on the panels.

The Sungrow inverter/charger is able to produce 3kws of continuous power, and can also produce 5 kw during the day (when the sun is up), it has an in built 48 volt battery charger rated at 60 amps, and has a great feature where the inverter can produce power for your consumption directly from the solar panels! Sungrow is a very well know and respected brand. Click here for the Sungrow Inverter/Charger data sheet

The GCL battery is a 7kw/h battery, with 5.6kw/h's of usable power. The 7 year warranty states that at the 7 year period the battery will still have retained 75 % of its original energy capacity. Which a great long term warranty.The GCL battery is made using Panasonic litiuom-ion cells, these cells are light weight and very safe.

  • Click here for the GCL Battery data sheet
  • Grid

    Appliances the customer was running:

    • 1x 300 Litres up right fridge freezers
    • 4x 4 foot fluro lamps
    • Microwave, toaster, jug
    • Pedestal Fans
    • TV & Radio,
    • Washing Machine

    So we installed

    • 12x Canadain Solar 270 watt Poly solar Panels 3.24 KW
    • 1x Sungrow SH5k+ inverter/charger
    • 1 x GCL eKw-be 48 volt battery

    The solar array installed was 250 percent over sized, to ensure even in overcast conditions batteries will remain highly charged. On most days the batteries are complexly charged before 11 am.