Bibhoora Small Family


This customer was located in Bibhoora, a few Km's from Mareeba. The reasoning behind this system install was quite different, the customer owns a 65 acre property, with an ergon supply passing by his front boundary. So he wasnt isolated from supply, but deiced he wanted to be independent from the grid. His house was actually a few kilometers from ergon supply and was going to cost him around $40,000 to get power from the front of his property to his house. So instead we designed an installed and off-grid system for the family at around $16,000 supplied and installed. This system actually boast some of the best and newest technology aviable, using a Schneider grid connect invterter and a Schneider battery inverter charger this system was ac-coupled. This means the power generated from the PV array in converted directly into 230 volts Ac by the grid connect inverter, this power is used to power any loads that are turned on during the day,and this means theres an increase in the power supply available during the day. For this customer it gives him a 10kw's of peak power.

Any excess (there always is) flows into the inverter/charger and charges the batteries. This system setup stops micro-cycling of the batteries, micro cycling occurs in some DC coupled system, where the power is used out of the batteries lets say to run a fridge and then the solar needs to top the batteries back up, this will reduce the battery life. (The Schneider charge controllers we use for our DC - Coupled systems have an intelligent monitoring system and will automatically inject DC from the solar to run loads this stops microcyling).

Appliances the customer was running:

  • 2x 300 Litres up right fridge freezers
  • 4x 4 foot fluros with Led tubes
  • Microwave, toaster, jug
  • Pedestal Fans
  • TV & Radio, xbobx
  • Washing Machine
  • Water Pump

So we installed

  • 24x Jinko 250watt Poly solar Panels 6 KW We installed a East - West Array
  • 1x Schnider 3KVA Grid connect inverter
  • 1x Schnider 4KVA inverter/charger
  • 12x 2v BAE Batteries (24volt battery bank 950 Amp-Hour Batteries 22.8 Kw of batteries)
  • 1x Battery Monitor & data logger

The solar array installed was 250 percent over sized, to ensure even in overcast conditions batteries will remain highly charged. On most days the batteries are complexly charged before 12 am.

The expected eatery life is 18 years, as the daily discharge amount was around 23 percent, and the batteries will run for 3.3 days with completely no solar input which would only occur on a equipment fault, as the solar input is so high it is very unlikely to have 0 input.

Warranties on the products
Batteries, 3 Years Full replacement warranty
3-5 Years Prorata (meaning in between 3-5 years you may have to pay the difference, of what they expect the battery life to be during this period, this is where battery monitor will help to negoate and prove no damage has been done)
5 Years
 Schneider Solar Charge Controller

10 Years
 Jinko Solar Panels, General workmanship

12 Years
 Jinko Solar Panels Output to be no less than 90 percent

25 Years
 Jinko Solar Panels Output to be no less than 80 Percent