Adding Batteries To Existing Systems

This option allows customers to maximize solar use and minimize grid use, therefore reducing bills or completely eliminating them. After the batteries are charged any excess solar generation is still exported to the grid .

Maximize your solar usage, there is no need to replace your current inverter. You can simply add a battery charger and a battery and achieve great results. Our GCL batteries with panasonic cells inside them, they come with 7 years warranty with unlimited cycles. All of our systems are fully monitored so you can see the results. These charges can handle multiple batteries.

Using the Goodwe BP charger, we can attach various batteries;

  • Telsa
  • BYD
  • GCL
  • Aquion (salt water)
  • Red Flow ( Zinc Bromide)
  • Polynontech

and many more ....

The only draw back, from keeping your standard inverter, is you will not have back-up power. If you would like back-up power you will need to replace your inverter. We generally use the Goodwe ES5058 inverter, but we have the SolaX hybrid inverter and the Sungrow SH5k ( external back up device required, not UPS).



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