FNQ Solar Solutions

We pride ourselves on quality and spend time with our customers to fully understand there needs. Fully qualified design/installer Brad Owens, will handle the job from the start to finish and be their the whole way throughout the process to ensure the highest quality workmanship.

FNQ Solar Solutions is a locally run and operated business. Servicing a large area from Cairns, the Atherton tablelands, inland past Chillagoe, and north of Cooktown.



We only use products that have a sustained name and proven performance which include Australian and German made inverters and the highest quality in solar panels.>We specialize & are fully accredited in off grid and Hybrid Systems, we have many different battery solutions for you, and by correctly sizing and designing your battery system we've achieved enegry savings for our customers from 65-100 percent.

We offer over paneled systems as a standard with no extra cost, so you get the most out of your solar system, in short this means we install 6kw of Panels on our 5Kw systems, to increase your dayily output!! The system starts Generating at maximum capacity earlier and for longer during the day.

We design each job to specifically suit our clients, but as an estimation there are some prices below

3kw Single phase From $3600 including GST
5kw Sinlge phase From $5500 including GST
Single Phase hyrbid options From $6100

How can you save? Click on a system below to mind out more.

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Is Your Solar System Performing?

When was the last time you checked to see if your solar system was working? Can you understand the numbers and lights, or do you just check to see whether the green lights on ?


Solar battery installations are exploding..... IN POPULARITY. The first national audit held in February showed over 7000 home owners installed solar battery systems last year. It is expected that year that number will almost triple this year. But why is the there a battery boom?

BYD - Powerhouse in lithium batteries launch home storage

If you've been following the change in batteries evolve over the last few years, you may know lithium-ion batteries have been taking leaps and bounds forwards over the years. Massive improvements in safety have occurred, but in most scenarios Lithium-ion batteries couldn't be used in Off-grid Solar Systems. Your probably wondering why this is so, but the batteries had many major limits in power output, and in may cases the batteries could not provide the power required.